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Easter Traditions

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As my readers know, I moved in November to Virginia from San Diego. This will be my first Easter away from home. This has caused me to pause and reflect on what traditions my family has for the holiday and what traditions I want to create for myself.

At home, when I was a kid there were eggs to color which then be hidden throughout the house for me to find on Easter morning. There would be a basket on the table with candy and goodies from the Easter Bunny and an Easter card from my parents. Then there was church service. Later there would be a family gathering either at our house or at the house of a relative. My Mom would cook and dinner was always delicious.

Now that I am an adult living on my own I have to figure out what traditions am I going to create.
what traditions do you and/or your family have?


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Share and Share Alike

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I ride the Metro to work every day and people will sit on the Metro and have a conversation on their cell phones at normal volume as if everyone sitting the car wants to hear all about their life or even worse that they want to know about their work or personal ‘issues.”  Have we lost all sense of privacy or are we so self-centered that we have become oblivious to people around us and having respect for their right to enjoy the ride on the Metro in quiet. I have lost track of how many conversations that I have overheard in the grocery store, including someone obviously arguing with an ex in a nasty divorce. I grew up hearing the phrases “don’t air your dirty laundry” and “what will the neighbors think?” It used to be that personal conversations were private conversations that you kept…well…private. You held your conversations inside the house or inside your car.  I don’t want to hear about how hungover you are as you ride to work. Nor do I want to hear you argue with your ex about who gets to keep the Prkey Pig china set in the middle of the soup aisle, or even worse hear all about your medical “issues” as you contemplate the different options of cereal. I’m sure no one else does either.

I can see the generational difference on the Metro.  The oldest generation, the pre-Baby Boomers, hardly ever talk on their phones. If they do, it is a short conversation. “Hi. I just left station X. bye” *click* and the conversation is usually done in a whisper. Then you have the Baby Boomers who might or might not have a conversation, but it is usually carried on at a lower volume and not about anything too personal. Then you have Gen X and the Millenials. They are the boisterous crowd.  You hear both their phone conversations and in person conversations no matter where you are in the car.

Why is there this change through the generations? Is because the younger generations are growing up with loose rules? Or because no one is teaching them good manners? Or is because they are used to an online world and so figure the transparency applies to everything they do? Or are they just so self-centered they are oblivious to others? Or, do they just not care?

thoughts anyone?


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2009 – a year in review

What a year 2009 has been!!! Let’s see if I can capture all that has happened.

I stopped dancing professionally. I started a freelance paralegal business. I started blogging. I joined Twitter. I took classes at a local university in San Diego.I found a regular client through a cold call. I started taking ballet classes again. I took a summer law school class at a local law school. I stopped dancing. I started moonlighting for a social media company. I started dancing again. I took the LSAT. I was the guest blogger/tweeter for the NALS conference in Irvine, CA where I had a blast. I went to Blog World Expo which was absolutely amazing (and I am for sure attending in 2010!!!) Meanwhile, through out all of this, I had met someone who originally was just a friend who would discuss cases with me and was helpful during my summer law class. He is now my boyfriend. I moved to Northern Virginia and I have experienced my first white Christmas on the East Coast. I have a new job in Washington DC and my company still exists in San Diego. I joined NALS and I am on their @Law committee (which is their publication).

Wow! 2009 was a year of growth, learning, figuring out life and what I want, and having the guts to move across country and try new things. All in all, it was a great year. I look forward to 2010 and the new things to come. I am confident that 2010 will be an even better year.

I am grateful for every experience. I am also really glad that I have joined Twitter. I have found clients on there, I have made professional connections, and most of all I have made friends. There are many people, such as Susan and Elisa, whom I am so glad are in my life and make me proud to call them friends. 🙂

How has your year been? Leave a link below so I can read about your year in review.


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The Start of Something New

long path

Tomorrow I get on a plane to Washington, DC….and I don’t have a return flight. I am moving to DC and moving in with my boyfriend. This is a huge step for me.  Everything that I have done in my life, until now, was aimed at pleasing my parents. I put their love and their praise above everything else. As you can imagine, this didn’t make me too happy. I was doing things, not because I wanted to do them, but because it was what was asked of me…what was expected of me.

In December of 2006 I moved back home from Orange County, CA.  I was broken physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I needed to get back on my feet and felt that the best way to do that was to remove myself from my current location.  My parents generously opened their doors to me and gave me the love and comfort that only parents can give.  I appreciate all that they did for me.

However, moving back home as an adult has its challenges. The old roles are quickly assumed by myself and my parents. The love and caring has become overshadowed by tension and I continue to struggle to figure out who I am and what I want for my life. Hence the move to DC.  I have lived my entire life in Southern California. I think it is time for me to stretch my wings and see what life is like somewhere else. Maybe this will work, and maybe it won’t, but I won’t know unless I try. I have an amazing guy who is willing to walk beside me and lend moral support as I need it. What more can you ask for in life?

This will be an adventure for sure, but one that I feel that I am strong enough to handle…finally.


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End of the month update

September will be winding up here in a day or so, which means I need to take stock of my September Goals.

1. Ace the LSAT on the 26th (oh ok, I’ll settle for a good score, or even a decent score) ** well, I took the test. I have to wait until Oct. 19th for an email with my score.  The will probably be the hardest email to read so far in my life.**

2.  Have at least two more attorney’s sign up as clients for my business   **Almost there. I had one sign up, unsolicited, off  Twitter. That was pretty darn cool actually. He’s been following me and had need of some extra help…and the rest is history 🙂 So, I’ll only half cross that one off**

3.  finally sort out my blogs and what posts go where  ** darn it. still working on my two blogs and figuring it all out**

4.   build up readership on my personal blog  **well, not really sure about this one as I don’t really have a method for gaging. Maybe I should have made that a goal as well. I have 2 new subscribers so i guess from zero to 2 is an increase. I guess this will be going on October’s Goals list**

5.  Make enough money to pay all of my bills and afford a new pair of pointe shoes **happy to say this was accomplished and the they are sewn (badly…even after all of these years I hate sewing them) and ready for me to plunge back into class now that pesky LSAT is out of the way**

Let’s see….two and half goals crossed off. Hmmm…not an all time record for goals, but considering LSAT was a big time sucker this month I think I did alright.

Now (drum roll) the October goals:

  1. Have two more attorneys sign up as clients (still building a business here)
  2. start taking ballet class on a regular basis again
  3. Not be shy at the NALS09 conference for which I am the guest tweeter/blogger
  4. figure out what the heck is my plan for law school
  5. have a blast at BlogWorld09 (you have no idea how excited I am to attend…I think i shall explode!)
  6. start studying for the Certified Legal Assistant exam I take in December
  7. sleep (why not make that a goal??)


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Turning away at the finish line

I’m 11 days out from taking the LSAT and I am…numb, frustrated, don’t care anymore. This is so unlike me. I’m the type A, competitive one of the family.  The one who pushes on against all odds. The stubborn one who hates the word no and takes joy in proving you wrong complete with a triumphant “Ha!” and a happy dance after I trounce you. Yet, here I am pouring my heart out to my blog readers hoping that somehow doing so will make it all better.

All I feel right now is that I want to be done. I don’t want to take this test, I don’t want to go to law school, i don’t want to do any of it. I just want to turn my back on it and walk away. Go somewhere far away and do something anything, be anywhere but here. But who turns away when the finish line is in sight? It is right there in front of me and I just want to stop running, leave the race.

How do you keep pushing on when it is the last thing you want to do?


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Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

reflection in car mirror

So, I was having a Skype chat tonight and it came up how impressed I am with everyone on twitter who are doing great things in the social media world.  These are bloggers, younger than me, who are taking the world by storm. They are becoming “household names.” People ask them for advice on how to do their blogs. They are all over twitter. People subscribe to their RSS feeds. Conversations are their blogs are consistent.

I long to be one of them. I feel like I am on the fringes. That odd person hanging on the edge of the circle…longing to be a part of the crowd but to shy to say anything. I told my friend that I had never imagined that I would ever be chatting with her on Skype (or being calling her a friend, for that matter). That I never thought I would ever come up on her radar. She was surprised by this news. She feels that I have more influence than I think.

Why is it so easy for us to not believe the reflection we see in the mirror? Others have faith in me. Why don’t I?


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