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From Stage to Ice

As my dear readers know from past posts, I was a ballet dancer. When I moved to the East Coast, that became a little harder to do as my dance stuff was left back home in San Diego…I could only fit so much stuff in my car being shipped out to the East Coast and my regular clothes took priority. I knew I had to do SOMETHING for exercise and I am not one to just go to the gym to work out. I have to be working at something, learning something new, something where I an express myself yet see progress…tangible progress. I thought of playing soccer again, but with having a real winter that gets complicated and for some reason I just can’t become a fan of indoor soccer.

Then one day the boyfriend and I went ice skating. It felt as if I had returned home. It felt great to be back on the ice, gliding along. To jump and spin. To feel as if I am flying every time I jump. I can tell every time I step on the ice that is where I am supposed to be. Other than two instances that I can remember, once in 8th grade and once my freshman year of college, I had been off the ice for about 18 and half years. My favorite part is early in the morning when I have the ice to myself. The cold wind blowing in my face, making your eyes water and your nose run. The silence of the rink broken by the sound of my blades grinding into the ice. The feeling of spinning and spinning. Most of all, the feeling when you get the timing of the jump just right and you rotate through the air and float down to land. For me, it is one of the best feelings. I almost can’t put it into words.

So, I have set some lofty goals. By the end of this year I want all of my double jumps and double-double combos. By the end of 2011 I want all of my triple jumps and triple-triple combos. By Jan 2012 I want to take the Senior Ladies test. I have a few other goals to, but I don’t want to reveal them all at once. Maybe this will happen, maybe it won’t. However, I won’t know unless I try. I’m the type of person who throws themselves into whatever they do, and I will have fun in the process. I’m so excited for this. I hope you all join me on this journey. You can see videos of my progress on youtube at



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End of the month update

September will be winding up here in a day or so, which means I need to take stock of my September Goals.

1. Ace the LSAT on the 26th (oh ok, I’ll settle for a good score, or even a decent score) ** well, I took the test. I have to wait until Oct. 19th for an email with my score.  The will probably be the hardest email to read so far in my life.**

2.  Have at least two more attorney’s sign up as clients for my business   **Almost there. I had one sign up, unsolicited, off  Twitter. That was pretty darn cool actually. He’s been following me and had need of some extra help…and the rest is history 🙂 So, I’ll only half cross that one off**

3.  finally sort out my blogs and what posts go where  ** darn it. still working on my two blogs and figuring it all out**

4.   build up readership on my personal blog  **well, not really sure about this one as I don’t really have a method for gaging. Maybe I should have made that a goal as well. I have 2 new subscribers so i guess from zero to 2 is an increase. I guess this will be going on October’s Goals list**

5.  Make enough money to pay all of my bills and afford a new pair of pointe shoes **happy to say this was accomplished and the they are sewn (badly…even after all of these years I hate sewing them) and ready for me to plunge back into class now that pesky LSAT is out of the way**

Let’s see….two and half goals crossed off. Hmmm…not an all time record for goals, but considering LSAT was a big time sucker this month I think I did alright.

Now (drum roll) the October goals:

  1. Have two more attorneys sign up as clients (still building a business here)
  2. start taking ballet class on a regular basis again
  3. Not be shy at the NALS09 conference for which I am the guest tweeter/blogger
  4. figure out what the heck is my plan for law school
  5. have a blast at BlogWorld09 (you have no idea how excited I am to attend…I think i shall explode!)
  6. start studying for the Certified Legal Assistant exam I take in December
  7. sleep (why not make that a goal??)


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Turning away at the finish line

I’m 11 days out from taking the LSAT and I am…numb, frustrated, don’t care anymore. This is so unlike me. I’m the type A, competitive one of the family.  The one who pushes on against all odds. The stubborn one who hates the word no and takes joy in proving you wrong complete with a triumphant “Ha!” and a happy dance after I trounce you. Yet, here I am pouring my heart out to my blog readers hoping that somehow doing so will make it all better.

All I feel right now is that I want to be done. I don’t want to take this test, I don’t want to go to law school, i don’t want to do any of it. I just want to turn my back on it and walk away. Go somewhere far away and do something anything, be anywhere but here. But who turns away when the finish line is in sight? It is right there in front of me and I just want to stop running, leave the race.

How do you keep pushing on when it is the last thing you want to do?


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September Goals

I was scrolling through my Google Reader entries, coffee mug in hand, when I came across an interesting post on Brazen Careerist. It is by Rebecca Thorman called “September Monthly Goal Meet-up” The idea is to cross of the goals from the pervious month and list out the goals for the current month. Then, you link to it on her blog and check out other people’s lists as a way to meeting new people and checking out new blogs. I think it is a preety neat idea.  Much better than my usual method writing my goals down on a piece of paper and then losing the paper. So, without further ado, here are my goals for September (yes, yes…I know the month has already started…I’m a little behind, cut me some slack)

  1. Ace the LSAT on the 26th (oh ok, I’ll settle for a good score, or even a decent score)
  2. Have at least two more attorney’s sign up as clients for my business
  3. finally sort out my blogs and what posts go where
  4. build up readership on my personal blog
  5. Make enough money to pay all of my bills and afford a new pair of pointe shoes

I think those are enough goals for now. Don’t want to get ahead of myself on my goals.

What are your goals for September??


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