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From Stage to Ice

As my dear readers know from past posts, I was a ballet dancer. When I moved to the East Coast, that became a little harder to do as my dance stuff was left back home in San Diego…I could only fit so much stuff in my car being shipped out to the East Coast and my regular clothes took priority. I knew I had to do SOMETHING for exercise and I am not one to just go to the gym to work out. I have to be working at something, learning something new, something where I an express myself yet see progress…tangible progress. I thought of playing soccer again, but with having a real winter that gets complicated and for some reason I just can’t become a fan of indoor soccer.

Then one day the boyfriend and I went ice skating. It felt as if I had returned home. It felt great to be back on the ice,¬†gliding¬†along. To jump and spin. To feel as if I am flying every time I jump. I can tell every time I step on the ice that is where I am supposed to be. Other than two instances that I can remember, once in 8th grade and once my freshman year of college, I had been off the ice for about 18 and half years. My favorite part is early in the morning when I have the ice to myself. The cold wind blowing in my face, making your eyes water and your nose run. The silence of the rink broken by the sound of my blades grinding into the ice. The feeling of spinning and spinning. Most of all, the feeling when you get the timing of the jump just right and you rotate through the air and float down to land. For me, it is one of the best feelings. I almost can’t put it into words.

So, I have set some lofty goals. By the end of this year I want all of my double jumps and double-double combos. By the end of 2011 I want all of my triple jumps and triple-triple combos. By Jan 2012 I want to take the Senior Ladies test. I have a few other goals to, but I don’t want to reveal them all at once. Maybe this will happen, maybe it won’t. However, I won’t know unless I try. I’m the type of person who throws themselves into whatever they do, and I will have fun in the process. I’m so excited for this. I hope you all join me on this journey. You can see videos of my progress on youtube at



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Easter Traditions

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As my readers know, I moved in November to Virginia from San Diego. This will be my first Easter away from home. This has caused me to pause and reflect on what traditions my family has for the holiday and what traditions I want to create for myself.

At home, when I was a kid there were eggs to color which then be hidden throughout the house for me to find on Easter morning. There would be a basket on the table with candy and goodies from the Easter Bunny and an Easter card from my parents. Then there was church service. Later there would be a family gathering either at our house or at the house of a relative. My Mom would cook and dinner was always delicious.

Now that I am an adult living on my own I have to figure out what traditions am I going to create.
what traditions do you and/or your family have?

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