Have you seen my Muse??

My blog has been neglected of late. I’ve been unable to come up with something to say.  I see interesting articles that I want to respond to, not to mention lots of events in my life. Yet, when I sit down to write about them: blank. The words just don’t flow. It is frustrating and saddening.

What do you do when you have writer’s block?



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4 responses to “Have you seen my Muse??

  1. I seemed to have lost mines as well. When I have writers block I usually start reading (which is why I’m perusing your lovely blog) and that gives me the jolt that I need to begin again.
    Good luck!

  2. Maybe your muse is hanging out with mine. I spent the past 14 days staring at a blank cursor and I now have approximately 25 half finished posts.

    My advice…just start writing again. It’s what I know I have to do, and I know it sucks, but like any other habit or trait you need to keep it conditioned to do it freely.


  3. When my muse is stalled, I usually jump start it by “writing small” – even a short post of a few sentences about something I think is interesting seems to get those juices flowing. Also, I keep tons of notes, paper & digital, with ideas. But I can’t find them, which is a separate problem…lol.

    And I blab about everything I’m thinking (professionally) which legal peeps may – or may not 🙂 – enjoy.

    • Yeah, the idea capture has been a problem of late too. I think of something on the Metro and then forget it by the time I get home and I am in front of the computer. Now, I have WordPress on my Blackberry. I can make a new post that has the general idea and then I can flesh it out into a real post when I get home. No more lost ideas.

      We love hearing everything from you, Lynne. Now worries on that front.

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