2009 – a year in review

What a year 2009 has been!!! Let’s see if I can capture all that has happened.

I stopped dancing professionally. I started a freelance paralegal business. I started blogging. I joined Twitter. I took classes at a local university in San Diego.I found a regular client through a cold call. I started taking ballet classes again. I took a summer law school class at a local law school. I stopped dancing. I started moonlighting for a social media company. I started dancing again. I took the LSAT. I was the guest blogger/tweeter for the NALS conference in Irvine, CA where I had a blast. I went to Blog World Expo which was absolutely amazing (and I am for sure attending in 2010!!!) Meanwhile, through out all of this, I had met someone who originally was just a friend who would discuss cases with me and was helpful during my summer law class. He is now my boyfriend. I moved to Northern Virginia and I have experienced my first white Christmas on the East Coast. I have a new job in Washington DC and my company still exists in San Diego. I joined NALS and I am on their @Law committee (which is their publication).

Wow! 2009 was a year of growth, learning, figuring out life and what I want, and having the guts to move across country and try new things. All in all, it was a great year. I look forward to 2010 and the new things to come. I am confident that 2010 will be an even better year.

I am grateful for every experience. I am also really glad that I have joined Twitter. I have found clients on there, I have made professional connections, and most of all I have made friends. There are many people, such as Susan and Elisa, whom I am so glad are in my life and make me proud to call them friends. 🙂

How has your year been? Leave a link below so I can read about your year in review.



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5 responses to “2009 – a year in review

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  3. Aw, I’m glad to call you a friend too! 🙂

    And you have definitely had an EPIC 2009…can’t WAIT to see how you are going to top it with 2010!

  4. Kris,

    2009 has been a whirlwind for you, hasn’t it? I’m pretty sure it has been quite the tornado for everyone else as well! A lot of great changes, a lot of new experiences, a lot of growing and soaring and I honestly could not be prouder of you. You are an incredible woman who dares to chase her dreams, take chances, and live life to the absolute fullest.

    When I think back to my own 2009, I see how much I’ve done and grown and changed as well. But I also know that I couldn’t have done it without you. You have been one of this year’s greatest blessings, one of the Universe’s best gifts to me, and I’ve never felt more grateful to Twitter, to blogging, to you.

    May 2010 be everything you’ve ever dreamed. 🙂

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