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Blog World 2009 Rocks My Socks!

I wrote this post, for the most part, right after BWE ended. Due to some personal complications it is not getting posted until now (has it really only been one week since BWE? Seems longer!)

This was my first year attending Blog World Expo and all I can say is: WOW! It was amazing! First off, I wasn’t completely prepared for the sheer volume of people and the size of the convention center. Second, I wasn’t prepared for walking past people in the hallways who are the greats of the social media world. I think I actually tripped as I

Grace Boyle and I

Grace Boyle and I

walked past Chris Brogan. Also, I talked to people in real life that I never imagined I would such as Jun Loayza, Ben Parr, and Problogger. I got my picture take with Anthony Edwards (he was my favorite on ER. I stopped watching after they killed off Dr. Greene) How I kept from passing out with excitement is beyond me.

There were so many great educational sessions offered. Many of them I wanted to attend but couldn’t either because my pass didn’t allow me to (Note to self: start saving up for next year’s full access pass now) or because they were scheduled at the same time (Does anyone know if the sessions were recorded?). Pretty much, if you could think of it, there was a session on it. There was a huge exhibit hall with vendors, which is where I spent a lot of time. I got to hang out at the lijit booth with the amazing blogger Grace Boyle.

Honestly, my favorite part of Blog World was hanging out at the Blog World Radio booth.  I got to sit there and tweet my heart out about the radio shows that were being done live from the middle of the exhibit floor. There were so many great people as guest on the radio show…from Scott Stratten to DebNg to Adam Carolla (yes folks, that’s right…I sat at the table next to the table that Adam Carolla was sitting at…and didn’t take a picture…talk about being serious about your tweeting!) I now think that tweetchat is the greatest invention since sliced bread (read more about tweetchat here), tweeting for a living would be the best thing ever, and that I would love to do this again at other conferences (hint, hint people).

A good time was had by all….I think.

Angie Swartz, myself, Alan Underkofler

Angie Swartz, myself, Alan Underkofler



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