Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

reflection in car mirror

So, I was having a Skype chat tonight and it came up how impressed I am with everyone on twitter who are doing great things in the social media world.  These are bloggers, younger than me, who are taking the world by storm. They are becoming “household names.” People ask them for advice on how to do their blogs. They are all over twitter. People subscribe to their RSS feeds. Conversations are their blogs are consistent.

I long to be one of them. I feel like I am on the fringes. That odd person hanging on the edge of the circle…longing to be a part of the crowd but to shy to say anything. I told my friend that I had never imagined that I would ever be chatting with her on Skype (or being calling her a friend, for that matter). That I never thought I would ever come up on her radar. She was surprised by this news. She feels that I have more influence than I think.

Why is it so easy for us to not believe the reflection we see in the mirror? Others have faith in me. Why don’t I?



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9 responses to “Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

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  2. Kris, I really admire you for having the braveness to post something that most every blogger has felt before. For example, to be so highly regarded at we chatted, I was absolutely floored. I TOTALLY feel like I’m on the same fringes as you, always on the outside looking in, jumping up and down saying “Hey, can I play with you guys?!” I think a lot of people can identify, I only wish I could relay better how cool I think you are to help you see it in the mirror! 🙂

    • Well, if you are on the fringes with me, you must be jumping higher. 🙂 Maybe it is as Susan says below…all in our own assumptions of how we believe other perceive us. Thank you for thinking I am cool!

  3. Kris: First, as I said before, I’m digging the redesign and am glad you’re resurrecting this blog. 🙂 Second, I want to echo Elisa’s sentiments that this is a great post for its raw emotion and the courage to question what so many have wondered as well.

    The thing about reflections is that it’s sometimes distorted and all about perspectives — we see ourselves differently than how others see us possibly because we live with ourselves and so are more aware of our flaws. And, from personal experience only, the way we think others perceive us is often very, very inaccurate.

    Maybe it’s because we’re harder on ourselves; maybe it’s because we question our worth when comparing ourselves to others. Whatever the reason, I can almost guarantee that everyone has the same experiences, the same questions, the same even fleeting feelings of inferiority — no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

    It’s hard to believe in yourself — if it were easy, maybe more people would. It’s even harder to see yourself as others see you because you’re so used to seeing your own reflection as is. Just know that the reflection staring back is a beautiful representation of the person within…believe others when they say you’re a better influence than you realize and one day, you’ll realize that it’s true.

    • First off, I’m glad you enjoy the redesign and the resurrection and evolution. It is very much a work in progress as I figure out where the heck I am going with my blogs (yes, that is a plural) and how they match my life.

      As you mention that reflections can be distorted, an example came to mind: the ballet studio. How you look depends on which studio you stand in and even which individual mirror. The image reflected in studio B is different from the upstairs studio D. None of the mirrors have the same reflection. Because of that, maybe we shouldn’t assume we know what the true reflection is.

      Thank you, Susan, for a beautiful comment.

  4. Every blogger starts blogging and finds a community in different waves. There’s a wave going on right now that I feel way on the outside of. But when I started blogging, I definitely had my crew. And all of that kind of mirrors life, because in my blogging crew, like life, some of us have drifted apart, some have slowed down with blogging, and some are just as tight as ever.

    You’ll find your spot. Don’t worry 🙂

    • Interesting, Rebecca. I never thought of it in waves, but you are spot on. And that it is like life. Friends come and go, schoolmates come and go, a few are always there that you can count on. Wow..that would make for a good poem, or short story. Thanks for planting the idea seed! 🙂

  5. Believe in yourself: Write with confidence. Others admire a confident writer even if in disagreement, and many have faith in you–some readers are shy about joining the conversation. Don’t worry about the person in the mirror, or when the wave comes. Keep at it with confidence.

    This is my first visit looking over your posts, and I think you’re doing fine.

    • Welcome, David, and thank you. I hope you stick around for more.

      As for confidence, I was told once “fake it until you make it.” That has stuck with me regardless of whether I actually follow that advice.

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