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Jamie Varon had a contest on her blog, which I had the intention of participating in and then missed out because I became busy and took too long to post my answer.

The prompt was: a blog post of 100-300 words, answering my tag line: “That place where work, love, and life all meet and you wonder, “where the hell do I go from here?” You must use the word “intersected” in your post.

Here is my answer, better late than never.  Also, I just figured out how to have the names link to blogs and still look like names instead of the urls.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  Yes, yes, thank you…hold your applause.

From the place where work, love, and life are intersected, there is no where but up. Life is your oyster. It is all systems go. You have found the textbook definition of success. You have it all. When you ask people to define “success” in their own words, they will define it as having a balance of work and life and a life that contains love.

But, there is always more. Because if you have it all, (work, love, and life), then you are in the perfect position to give to others. The feeling of helping others and having the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life is the only feeling that can better the feeling of having made it to that place where work, love, and life all meet.



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4 responses to “work, life, love

  1. You made me smile, because I, too, started bloggin’ away last fall without a clue as to how to post hyperlinks. I figured I’d write first and read the blog instructions later.

    See you on Twitter!

    Lynne J. DeVenny
    N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal
    Blogger at Practical Paralegalism,

    • legaldunki

      It makes my day when I can make someone smile. I never read the instructions. You learn and retain better by figuring it out…until you lose years worth of bookmarks in Firefox, but that’s another story.


  2. Never stop growing and learning – because that’s what it means to LIVE. I’m glad we’ve connected on Twitter, and I look forward to getting to know one another better as we move forward! Keep doing what you do!

    • legaldunki

      I always say that the day I stop learning, is the day I die. I’m glad we have connected on twitter too. Thanks for the comment!

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