Random thought for the day…

Here is a random thought for the day that I would like people’s opinions on.

Why is it that people are embarrassed when they catch you in a towel after a shower, but not in a bikini?  The towel covers up much more then the bikini does.  So, why the awkwardness??

It makes no sense to me.  Aaaaaand….discuss.



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3 responses to “Random thought for the day…

  1. I think it’s the surprise factor. When you’re in a bikini, you have the mentality that people are going to look at your hot bod. You might even have make up and done your hair right.

    When you get out of the shower, you’re in the bathroom, and completely not expecting people to look at you. You have no makeup on and your hair is disheveled.

    It’s all about expectations. When you expect to be looked at, you will flaunt your body. After the shower, you expect privacy, so you don’t want to be looked at.

    – Jun Loayza

  2. You know what else I don’t understand? The fact that it’s scandalous to run around in your undies and bra, but not a bikini. It’s the same thing!

    • legaldunki

      Well, the Europeans seem to think it is ok. Heck, they go without all the time. Maybe we should leave our Puritan roots behind and be more like the Europeans.

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