Should I stay or should I go???

The blog title is a line from a song, I just can’t seem to remember which one.   The answer is decided for me. GO!  That is all I am doing right now.  On the go, go, go!!!  I am working for two jobs, and of course looking for a third client, because every successful business is always on the look out for their next client.  I am also networking, business lunches, week one of the new quarter at UCSD, studying for the LSAT and a long way off from my goal score, talking to people about law schools and researching said schools, and somewhere in the eat, sleep, and maybe even get some soccer playing in (except I can’t seem to find a team, argh!).  This has led to me having a much neglected blog and I still have not figure out how to use twitter from my phone.

Somedays I feel like my to do list is never getting shorter.  That there are tasks never getting accomplished and things I have forgotten to do.  Then I pause for a moment and wonder if ths is all worth it and if this is actually leading towards something good.  Is this all leading towards success or a cliff?  Honestly, I have no clue.  But, I have come this far down the trail, there is no turning back.  I have to keep pushing on and see what is at the end of the road.  I guess I could say that I am at the point of no return.  There is no turning off or an opportunity for a u-turn for miles and miles and miles.  Did I remember to get gas???  We will see!



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5 responses to “Should I stay or should I go???

  1. It always seems like my to-do list is never ending too … Life has a way of screwing with you like that. But it’s all worth it. You just need to learn what is important to you and making sure that it stays a priority even if some of the things on your to-do list take the backseat for awhile.

    And don’t forget that hard work is important, but just as important as that is pulling yourself away to have some fun. If we didn’t do that, then why the hell are we even here?!

  2. jennyblake

    Girl, I can so relate! Kudos for all that you ARE doing right now – that is definitely a full plate! Hopefully things will slow down soon and all of your hard work will have paid off. I have a feeling you are headed for success. Big time. 😀

    Transition periods in my life are either really slow (and excruciatingly boring) or really fast (barely have time to eat, breathe and sleep). I’m with Ryan – I have to push myself sometimes to stop what I’m doing (the hustlin’ as Ryan Stephens likes to call it) and go have some fun.

    • legaldunki

      Thank you for the kudos and the comment. I do hope something comes out of all of this. I’m glad other have been on this rollercoaster and survived it. That means there is hope for me.

  3. I am also right there with you. I work to live but seem to wind up letting work be my life. I do online document management and right now we are managing a HUGE case. It’s constant time lines and pressure (you know how it goes). In today’s day and age (if you sit down and think about it) I sure am thankful to have work. I sure hope that you find what it is that you are looking for both in your work life and personal life. Make sure you do yourself a favor and find time to play.

    • legaldunki

      Thanks for the comment. I am finding time to play, in the form of going back to dance class. I just write it in pen on my planner. I’m terrible at making time for myself, but it is something I have to do. I don’t want work to be my entire life, just part of it.

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