I have a personal cheer squad!

So, today I met with a professor to chat about the big, scary law school and how to wade through all of the information out there and not get bogged down by it all.  Especially for me, an A-type personality, who easily succumbs to sensory overload and can be found in a corner in the fetal position, to have someone to light the path once in awhile is an amazing thing.  If let to my own devices, I would probably try to apply to every school just to ensure that I was to get in somewhere.  I get too caught up in the numbers of UGPA and LSAT (which is very important) and forget about all the other things that I have done and the great traits that I embody.  The chat with this professor was amazing.  I was open and honest and he gave me amazing feedback.  He is rooting for me.  Just to hear those words has immense pacifying abilities. I know how to start my personal state and how to progress with it.  I have my list of schools picked out.  I know when would be the best time for me to take the LSAT and send in my applications.  Amazing!  I am loving it! (sorry, McD, I am borrowing your phrase for tonight).  He actually said he is rooting for me.  I have my own cheer squad forming.  Anyone else want to join??!!!


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